About Our Team

We are who we are, and we are proud of where we’ve come from and where we are going!

Our Story

We started PDX Web Design as a way to bring a professional web design process to small businesses. Having started a previous web design company, working for someone else, and freelancing we had a vision of the work, technology, and clientele we were looking for. Over the last 10 years we have created the best websites, apps, and marketing materials for our clients. We industry standard software, technology, and practices to deliver high quality products and services to our clients. Here at PDX Web Design, we understand that relationship and communication with you is the most important part our business. We are take your input and blend your vision with our our expertise to drive results for your business. We are proficient in the development of professional websites, small business websites, corporate design as well as artistic websites for individuals, print marketing, online marketing, and mobile applications. We are providing a service which will most definitely exceed your expectations and give you an opportunity to take advantage of the best online marketing techniques and concepts. We provide creative designs and always strive for innovative solutions. Our vision and drive is your success.

Professional Advice

We have the skills and expertise to drive customers to your business.

Results Driven

Our entire ethos is results driven. We understand the best way to grow our business is to help yours to thrive.


Budget and Scope Minded

You have expectations and a timeframe for your website. As professionals we kept our deadlines and exceed your expectations.

Our Web Design Process

Process is everything. You know what they say, those who fail to plan plan to fail. So we started from the top and created the ultimate plan. Our web design process. With this we have the ability to create your perfect website.


We work with you to determine your goals. From that discovery we create actionable plan.

  • Gather Branding Assets
  • Identify User/Customers
  • Determine Market Strategy
  • Determine Project Goals


We take your idea and create an inspiring design. We do not stop until you are satisfied.

  • Determine Site Architecture
  • Create Wireframe
  • Design Mockup / Layout
  • Create Call to Actions


We turn your idea from concept and design into a tangible working website, ad, or marketing effort.

  • Turn Design into Coded Webpages
  • Page/Content Creation
  • Testing & Q/A
  • Validate Code


We deliver to you the highest quality marketing effort, on time, budget and scope.

  • Initial On-Page SEO setup
  • Setup Google Search Console
  • Execute social media marketing plan
  • Schedule Google Analytics monthly email reports

Creative Team

Our team of highly skilled members are here to help create the perfect website for your business. 

Terry Turner

Lead Designer

Christal Cherry

Account Manager

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